Sunday, December 18, 2005

Version 0.3a released

This is mostly just the bugfix version that I promised like two weeks ago. There's also 25 new puzzles, plus I fixed times not saving properly and the issue with duplicate puzzles that everyone was getting. I also cleaned up the code a lot, so I'll try and release the source when I'm done with that, because, well, open-source is rad.

You can grab the new version over on the right menu.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Working on it

I'll try and release a bugfix version tomorrow. I'm aware of the SRAM saving bugs and the fact that about 10 puzzles (specifically, ones 1-100 that end in a 2) are broken. Between Thanksgiving vacation and various games keeping me preoccupied, Picross sort of took a back seat.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Version 0.3

Version 0.3 is done and uploaded. You can click the link on the right menu to download the latest version.

What's new:
  • 100 more puzzles, bringing the grand total to 150
  • Music! Now you don't have to play in silence. If it irks you, you can turn the music off in the pause menu by pressing left or right.
  • You can now use L and R to scroll through the puzzle menu a bit faster.
  • Fixed a bug where saved times would get overwritten on certain puzzles.
Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment. Any bugs you find or general feedback you have is great.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Damn it

Apparently the latest version of devkitpro made the stylus code screwed up with PAlib or something, so that's on hold until a fix comes out, or I can figure out a workaround, which sucks because I was almost done with it. In the meantime, however, apparently MOD support has been fixed in the latest PAlib, so you no longer have to play Picross in silence. So far I'll be including one music track, but I may add a few more in case the included one makes your ears bleed, or something.

Hopefully I'll have a new release by the end of the week.

Friday, October 07, 2005

State of the PicrossDS

It's been about three weeks since I released version 0.2 of PicrossDS. Two of those weeks I spent mucking around with my new PSP, since, well, can you blame me? Still, my DS is far more near and dear to my heart. In between bouts of Trauma Center - Under the Knife, I've been working on version 0.3 of Picross.

What's new for v0.3:
  • 150 puzzles! Yes, I added 100 more puzzles for this release.
  • Stylus support - use the stylus to drag a box around an area to fill it in, erase it, or x it out.
  • Bug fix - puzzles that have a 0 in a column or row will no longer erase all your high scores. A silly error on my part, I was just overflowing an array.
  • You can now use L and R to scroll faster through the puzzle menu. With 150 puzzles, navigating through all those with the arrow keys can get old.
Right now I'm just hammering out a few more bugs with the stylus support. It's there and working, but for some damn reason I'm having issues with the touchscreen not reliably registering when you release the stylus from the screen so the boxes can fill in. Once I get that licked, I'll release it. Hopefully that will be in a day or two. It's just so damn hard to work with since stylus support is horribly broken on every emulator I've tried, and since I do 95% of my coding while I'm at work where I don't have my DS, I have to do it when I'm home. I can't wait until the emulators are perfected a bit more, it'll make coding a lot easier.

And hooray for getting some of my own hosting. And Trauma Center Under the Knife is one of the most innovative games I've played since, well, Life and Death 1&2 back on my uncle's 386. Sadly, so far, TCUK isn't nearly as in-depth as Life and Death was, but hey, I'm only on chapter 3.

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